How Are Adults Using Their Smartphones for Health & Wellness?

by Jayne Krahn

Mobile Device Usage

Our Online Behavior Study can help you better understand consumers who use the Internet and other digital media as a source of health and wellness information. This year, we found that about 48% of smartphone owners (over 53 million adults) used their Internet enabled phone to look up health and wellness information in the last 30 days, as well as 48% of the 32 million tablet owners.

Most of these consumers look up info on the symptoms they or their friends/family are experiencing - 79% of smartphone users and 68% of tablet users look up symptoms online. One in three look up drug information at the doctor's office or pharmacy. They also check prices of meds while shopping - 26% of smartphone users and 22% of tablet users. 77% of smartphone users checked health or wellness info at home using their devices, while 72% of tablet users did the same.

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