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Free White Paper: The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on the Smoking Cessation Industry

Almost 6 million adults use e-cigarettes despite the uncertainties around regulation and health consequences, according to Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health Study. E-cigs are quickly becoming a top competitor for both OTC and prescription smoking cessation products. This free guide gives you: A profile of the average e-cigarette user and how this person...

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More Than Half of Physicians Reference Drug Data on Their Smartphone

Results from the March 2015 edition of Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions: Medical/Surgical study are in! This edition shows that the top two smartphone activities (referencing drug data and finding/performing clinical calculations)...


Devices for Researching General Medical Issues and Specific Clinical Situations

by Client Services |  Mobile adoption by physicians may be increasing, but the desktop and laptop computer is still far and away the most popular way for physicians to research general medical issues or specific... Read More

Majority of Physicians Use Smartphones for Work Reasons

by Client Services |  Four in five physicians use smartphones for work reasons, according to current wave data from the Sources & Interactions Study, March 2015: Medical/Surgical Edition. Further, over half (52%) use both... Read More

Are Doctors Using Social Networks for Work?

by Client Services |  76% of physicians use at least one of the three types of social networks listed in the study, while 35% do not use any, according to the Sources & Interactions Study, March 2015 – Medical/Surgical... Read More

How Are Physicians Using Tablets?

by Client Services |  In the Sources & Interactions Study, March 2015: Medical/Surgical Edition, physicians were asked to indicate which professional tasks they perform on a tablet. Unsurprisingly, accessing the Internet an... Read More

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