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Free White Paper: The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on the Smoking Cessation Industry

Almost 6 million adults use e-cigarettes despite the uncertainties around regulation and health consequences, according to Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Health Study. E-cigs are quickly becoming a top competitor for both OTC and prescription smoking cessation products. This free guide gives you: A profile of the average e-cigarette user and how this person...

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Point-of Care Advertising Infographic

Learn more about point-of-care advertising and its impact on consumers in our new infographic. Are adults being reached by POC media? What actions are they taking due to the advertisement? Click here to download this infographic and learn...


Almost One-Third of Physicians Have Implemented an EHR/EMR System into their Practice

by Bernadette Cognac |  Recently, the American Medical Association called for a massive repair of EMR systems to make usability and better patient care a greater priority, according to The Wall Street Journal. The... Read More

Doctors Consult the Internet Immediately After a Patient Consult Four Times per Week

by Jaime Brewster |  Doctors consult Internet-based resources regarding a specific patient conditions immediately after a patient consult an average of 4.4 times per week, according to the Sources & Interactions Study,... Read More

More Than Half of Doctors Use a Professional Social Network for Work Reasons

by Alejandro Alvarez |  More than two-thirds (69%) of physicians use at least one of the three types of social networks listed in the study, while 31% do not use any, according to the Sources & Interactions Study, September... Read More

Key Opinion Leaders are Using Digital Throughout their Work Lives

by Bernadette Cognac |  Predictably, key opinion leaders are much more digitally-minded than other physicians, according to the Sources & Interactions Study, September 2014 – Medical/Surgical Edition. Here are a few key... Read More

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